Video Streaming Hardware Reviews – Top 4 Devices to Stream Movies on Your TV

Online Movie Streaming within Video Streaming Hardware for Computers and Smart TVsAlmost everybody knows the capabilities that mobile phones or iPads have when it comes to online movie streaming or video streams, but what some might not be aware of is devices designed simply for streaming to a TV. Whether the monthly cell phone plans are too expensive or you continually find yourself backed up against allotted data limits, video streaming hardware serves as a viable, inexpensive alternative.

Video streaming has definitely gone mainstream, with Netflix offering a large portion of their library available over an Internet connected device and HULU broadcasting popular television shows, almost before the closing credits are finished scrolling on the networks. Video streaming hardware is the future…even though the future is now. [Read more...]

Top 3 Video Streaming Software – How to Utilize These Powerful Programs

Almost every laptop these days has a webcam built into it and the low quality default video chat software works fine when talking to a loved one or friend. When you want to add production to your video stream and create a professional, appealing clip you should look at the various video streaming software available. Each software program has features dedicated to specific uses and it’s best to investigate some of the most popular packages to see which works for your needs.

SplitCam is a free software that lets you talk to a multiple of friends at once by splitting up the chat rooms. Your computer screen might look like the beginning sequence to The Brady Bunch with all the heads on top of each other but it’s a great way for pals around the world to collaborate on and get-together or to just catch up. SplitCam also boasts some of the neatest and most creative video effects so you can place a pirate hat on one friend, cat’s whiskers on another, and a virtual 3D Frankenstein head on your other‚ tall pal. The technical aspects of SplitCam are compatible with all the major streaming sites such as Ustream, Skype, Windows Live, YouTube and more. [Read more...]

Mobile Video Streaming – What is it? Why is it Important?

mobile video streaming and how to use itMobile streaming is the ability for a cell phone or other device such as an iPad to view video clips and other online movie streaming content. This technology was once considered a luxury but if cell phone companies want to sell their mobile product in a flooded industry, they better include streaming capabilities. Many people love having the ability to share YouTube clips with friends but their insisting that the ease of viewing videos on phones can be dangerous and anti-social.

Those who think mobile phone video streaming just puts us one step closer to burying our heads in the internet and not talking with friends and family are out of the loop on the powers of the video communication. [Read more...]

Top Online Movie Streaming Sites – Expert Reviews and Advice

Online movie streaming sites reviewedTired of paying $10 to see a mediocre movie at your local movie theater? Want the convenience of DVD’s or BluRay discs, without having to pay $5 per movie? Then consider the multitude of merits that can be obtained by gaining membership to the many online movie streaming sites currently out there within the online market. While technology continues to progress and become increasingly portable, the ability to use online movie streaming becomes easier and easier. But here is where it gets tricky: there are so many of these streaming movie sites, how do you find the right service for you? Let’s compare the top online movie streaming options, to help you find the one that will work for you. [Read more...]

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