What the Future Looks Like for Video Streaming

The multi-year agreement between Netflix and Walt Disney was one of the biggest news about the video streaming industry in 2012, and it provided a fitting close to what has been billed as a banner year for the business. Recent developments gave a clear indication that the industry has entered an interesting crossroad, with major shakeups that continually change the overall business landscape. Looking at the major developments and changes, we can take at peek at the future of video streaming.

Video Streaming Material Going Global

what the future looks like for video streamingThe reach of video streaming materials of premium quality will become global and will be easily accessed by a broad range of audiences. This is definitely a positive development in the right direction. The key players in the business of delivering premium video online are clearly ending up with a substantial spike in their earnings while giving and ensuring legitimacy to the viewing experience of their target audience. It has emerged as the logical answer to the rampant online piracy that has been plaguing the industry for years. The recent developments complement the ongoing efforts by key industry players to achieve a positive image and reputation through their online video content. [Read more...]

Online Video Streaming Service – 5 Key Indicators that It is not Legitimate

This one should be the concern of everyone. It is essential that you are able to find online video streaming service that is legitimate. Whether you are looking for video content online for its educational value or watching your favorite movie, your range of options would include paid sites as well as other sites that offer online video streaming service for free.

While it has turned into a powerful tool of studios in sharing their movie productions as their target users can easily access movies with just a few mouse clicks, the Internet has also become a favorite haven of digital pirates. Copyrighted materials, which include video clips and movies, are distributed and shared online without the consent or permission of the creators.

There are 2 ways by which movies and other copyrighted video content are illegally distributed and shared online, and these are through the following:

  • Downloading and installation of application that links them to torrent files of movies and other video clips
  • Bootleg sites that host and stream movie and video content on demand.

Online Video Streaming Service - 5 Key Indicators that It  is not LegitimateIllegitimate online video streaming services are serious issues confronting movie producers and other stakeholders of the video industry. While some sectors may consider them as the logical consequence of modern times, it could not be denied that such actions are tantamount to stealing and illegal distribution of these copyrighted materials translate to losses of almost $250 billion annually.

Beyond the issue of legitimacy, it is also important to note that you are opening yourself to different kinds of risks as these sites that provide illegitimate online video streaming service may also host malware that will open the floodgate for an intense stream of annoying adverts while watching a new release through your live media streaming device and on your smart TV, desktop PC, laptop or tablet. In a worst case scenario, exposure to such malware may even result to unauthorized access to your personal data and sensitive financial information.

Here are 5 important indicators that will help you discern whether the online video streaming service is legitimate or not.

Key Indicator #1 – Sub-Par or Inferior Web Designs

Entities that are engaged in illicit sharing and distribution of copyrighted video content and latest movie releases would normally not spend a fortune to spruce up the design of their sites. When compared to the quality of design of sites that provide legitimate online video streaming service, these websites are cluttered with all sorts of errors and incongruous design elements. These would include fonts that appear to be out of place or inconsistent, mistakes in spelling and grammar and graphics that are inappropriate. All in all, the website will strike you as totally unprofessional and will tend to create an impression that something is ‘fishy’ about these sites.

Key Indicator #2 – Overload of Adverts by Online Video Streaming Service

Since these illegitimate sites don’t generate revenue from the viewer’s end, most would find their earnings from an overload of adverts. These illegitimate sites would not even make any move to conceal their advertisement-based earning scheme.

Key Indicator #3 – “Download-Software” Trap

Premium movie and video streaming don’t come cheap. When it is offered for free, then it is best that you take the necessary precautionary measures. Don’t consider yourself lucky when you stumble on a site that offers a great selection of premium and latest movies absolutely for free. If you are required to download a special application for the video playback, then this is almost a sure sign that you are about to commit a serious security mistake.

Online Video Streaming Service - 5 Key Indicators that It  is not LegitimateThis means that downloading and installing the application can mess up critical functions of your computer or compromise sensitive personal information and confidential financial data. Unlike legitimate sites which host premium video content and movies and offer the standard disclaimer, Illegal sites typically use the ‘privileged’ access to great and new movies and popular video content to convince you to download unknown programs.

Key Indicator #4 – The Best Online Video Streaming Service is not Free

Think twice before you click to watch a great movie or popular video clip that is offered for free. Illegitimate sites don’t give a hoot whether you pay for their online video streaming service or not. Their main concern is to find ways to get their viewers to click those adverts or download the application from their servers. This is the main reason why these are prominently displayed in the web pages with large and colorful graphics and fonts so these links are easily noticed. Remember the golden rule – there is no such thing as free lunch when it comes to premium video streaming service.

Key Indicator #5 – Household Brands are the Safer Choice

Providers of video streaming service with solid track record are the best picks. You are assured of a safe, fast and dependable online video streaming service when you opt for brand names that charge monthly or per-movie fees. Among the established brand names include Crackle, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu and Netflix.

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