Video Streaming Devices – Finding One that Meets Your Requirements

Video streaming devices are a common part of a significant number of blogs and websites as video content is considered as one of the popular elements of most sites. In fact, if you’re using terms or phrases that include the word “video” you will get a long list of results.

The video streaming devices are used for a broad range of reasons. You would have to consider them not only for their entertainment value but for education and marketing as well.

Video and Movie Streaming – Their Upsides and Downsides

Video Streaming Devices - Finding One that Meets Your RequirementsThere are various ways by which you can upload streaming movies and other video files online. In simple terms, a video streaming device is used to play movie and video clips in real time. As opposed to downloadable movie and video files, where such video clips are played after the compressed data have been downloaded, the delivery of video content online using online streaming devices eliminates the risk of getting malware and viruses that typically come with downloadable movies and other video clips. [Read more...]

Internet Video Streaming – Understanding Its Legal Aspect

What are the legal implications of movie and Internet video streaming? With the sustained popularity of movie and video content that are delivered online, this prevailing condition has opened a lot of opportunities to replace video and movie downloading.

On the other hand, stakeholders in the entertainment industry are raising their concern over the proliferation of illegal or unauthorized Internet video streaming. After adopting various measures to keep video sharing through BitTorrent and Napster at bay, key industry players may now have to take the necessary measures to minimize copyright infringement through Internet video streaming.

Legal Implications of Watching Internet Video Streaming

Internet Video Streaming - Understanding its Legal AspectIs movie and Internet video streaming legal or not? There is no definitive answer to this question. In determining the legal implication of watching video content online, one would have to take note of the fact that a full-length copy of a video material or a new movie can be temporarily created on your computer and the data can be automatically deleted by the video streaming platform as you watch the video material or movie. [Read more...]

Improving Live Video Streaming – A Look at the Possibilities

With the current scheme of things, live video streaming is definitely going places, literally and figuratively. A recent industry study has shown that about 70 percent of broadband users in the US access premium videos and movies online every week. Additionally, the average viewing time of US consumers is 1 hour and 40 minutes per week. A related study has also shown that there was a hefty 94 percent uptick in viewership of consumers that belong to the 18 – 24 years old age bracket.

improving live Vvideo streaming - a look at the possibilitiesToday, live video streaming is leading downloads and is just about on equal footing with Blu-Ray and DVD discs. There is now a bevy of choices, which include DVDs and premium cable as well as online options like Hulu, Netflix and Apple. When it comes to hardware, our range of options goes beyond the ubiquitous TV and includes tablets, smartphones and PCs. As mobile gadgets enter ‘cloud’ territory, consumers will benefit from an even broader range of choices. They access their favorite video content anytime and anywhere. [Read more...]

Video Streaming Issues – How to Overcome Them and Meet End-User Expectations

In addressing various video streaming issues, we have to be fully aware of what our target audience is looking for in video content online. Off the cuff, some people would conclude that most viewers are interested in things related to the Kardashians. Of course, there is a clear indication that consumers are continually in search of the latest updates about the Kardashian sisters.

In fact, we have seen a good number of sites that carry short snippets and updates about them. These sites are doing pretty well and are attracting a decent number of viewers on a more consistent basis.

Perfect Formula for Online Video Streaming Projects

For websites that have video streaming, there is a need to find the perfect balance between the need to maintain the site’s viability and that of the needs of its target audience. In most instances, it is best that adverts are served after a series of premium video materials and it is also important that we concentrate on shorter adverts, preferably the 15-second video clips.

Video Streaming Issues - How to Overcome Them and Meet End-User ExpectationsVarious studies have shown that consumers prefer online video content with shorter and fewer adverts. The number of views tends to taper off as the number of ads is increased, and thus, one must make sure that the target audience is not driven away by an overload of adverts. Beyond the ad load, it is also essential that other video streaming issues are properly addressed. [Read more...]

Monetizing HD Video Streaming Projects

There are various ways by which stakeholders can monetize their HD video streaming projects. Those who are engaged in this kind of business venture can easily generate around $3,000 monthly income and some people even take in $10,000 through their affiliate marketing efforts while promoting live video streaming.

HD Video Streaming Partnerships

monetizing hd video streaming projectsIf you have been able to build a solid following on live video streaming sites like uStream, TwitchTV and Justin TV, then you can consider the earning opportunities through the site’s partnership programs where one gets to earn from the adverts that are displayed and clicked by viewers. The revenue setup is through cost per thousand impressions or CPM, and you earn a fixed amount every time an advert is viewed for a thousand times. For instance, the average CPM rate of TwitchTV is about $2.80. This means that one earns $2.80 for a thousand advert views or impressions. [Read more...]

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