Video Streaming Devices – Finding One that Meets Your Requirements

Video streaming devices are a common part of a significant number of blogs and websites as video content is considered as one of the popular elements of most sites. In fact, if you’re using terms or phrases that include the word “video” you will get a long list of results.

The video streaming devices are used for a broad range of reasons. You would have to consider them not only for their entertainment value but for education and marketing as well.

Video and Movie Streaming – Their Upsides and Downsides

Video Streaming Devices - Finding One that Meets Your RequirementsThere are various ways by which you can upload streaming movies and other video files online. In simple terms, a video streaming device is used to play movie and video clips in real time. As opposed to downloadable movie and video files, where such video clips are played after the compressed data have been downloaded, the delivery of video content online using online streaming devices eliminates the risk of getting malware and viruses that typically come with downloadable movies and other video clips. [Read more...]

Connect your Laptop to Your TV for the Ultimate Viewing Experience

connect your laptop to your TVFor those of you who enjoy watching YouTube videos online, or perhaps home movies, digital pictures, and other miscellaneous downloaded videos from the comfort of your home computer can now view these items on your wide screen TV. You may have also signed up for Netflix and wish to watch streaming movies on your new LED TV without having to purchase such devices as the Roku player.

It’s extremely, in this day and age, to connect your laptop to your TV and enjoy all the capabilities of your computer on a larger screen. We’ll show you how to do so through a wired connection, thanks to Adria Richards. [Read more...]

The Absolute Greatest Do-It-Yourself Wired PC-to-TV Solution – Stream PC Video to TV

Seeking a “quick and dirty” remedy with regard to streaming video on your own television? If you have an HDTV, as well as your laptop computer comes with a HDMI output, simply obtain a lengthy cable and call it a day. (This can also work with any DVI and DisplayPort/Thunderbolt components, if you’ve got the appropriate adapters or cables.) Don’t forget,  a low-cost HDMI cable works great — pointless to pay for so-called “premium” cables. Even though some streaming hardware devices here will cost you $50 minimum, this particular solution will set you back less than $6 , assuming, of course, that you have a laptop, internet connection as well as the HDTV. [Read more...]

Video Streaming Hardware Reviews – Top 4 Devices to Stream Movies on Your TV

Online Movie Streaming within Video Streaming Hardware for Computers and Smart TVsAlmost everybody knows the capabilities that mobile phones or iPads have when it comes to online movie streaming or video streams, but what some might not be aware of is devices designed simply for streaming to a TV. Whether the monthly cell phone plans are too expensive or you continually find yourself backed up against allotted data limits, video streaming hardware serves as a viable, inexpensive alternative.

Video streaming has definitely gone mainstream, with Netflix offering a large portion of their library available over an Internet connected device and HULU broadcasting popular television shows, almost before the closing credits are finished scrolling on the networks. Video streaming hardware is the future…even though the future is now. [Read more...]

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