Improving Live Video Streaming – A Look at the Possibilities

With the current scheme of things, live video streaming is definitely going places, literally and figuratively. A recent industry study has shown that about 70 percent of broadband users in the US access premium videos and movies online every week. Additionally, the average viewing time of US consumers is 1 hour and 40 minutes per week. A related study has also shown that there was a hefty 94 percent uptick in viewership of consumers that belong to the 18 – 24 years old age bracket.

improving live Vvideo streaming - a look at the possibilitiesToday, live video streaming is leading downloads and is just about on equal footing with Blu-Ray and DVD discs. There is now a bevy of choices, which include DVDs and premium cable as well as online options like Hulu, Netflix and Apple. When it comes to hardware, our range of options goes beyond the ubiquitous TV and includes tablets, smartphones and PCs. As mobile gadgets enter ‘cloud’ territory, consumers will benefit from an even broader range of choices. They access their favorite video content anytime and anywhere. [Read more...]

Monetizing HD Video Streaming Projects

There are various ways by which stakeholders can monetize their HD video streaming projects. Those who are engaged in this kind of business venture can easily generate around $3,000 monthly income and some people even take in $10,000 through their affiliate marketing efforts while promoting live video streaming.

HD Video Streaming Partnerships

monetizing hd video streaming projectsIf you have been able to build a solid following on live video streaming sites like uStream, TwitchTV and Justin TV, then you can consider the earning opportunities through the site’s partnership programs where one gets to earn from the adverts that are displayed and clicked by viewers. The revenue setup is through cost per thousand impressions or CPM, and you earn a fixed amount every time an advert is viewed for a thousand times. For instance, the average CPM rate of TwitchTV is about $2.80. This means that one earns $2.80 for a thousand advert views or impressions. [Read more...]

Live Video Streaming Software Reviews

live video streaming softwareThe creation of live video streaming software and the related technologies as well as the quality of the viewing experience can offer you means that video streaming is here to stay. It’s so practical and competitively priced that there isn’t actually anyway to prevent the migration to this new technology. No matter whether you simply desire to see a handful of movies, or whether you wish to chat to family and friends or start your very own TV channel online, video streaming offers you that opportunity. What differences and options are the most important things to consider though? Let’s see if we can help you out at this point. [Read more...]

Top 3 Video Streaming Software – How to Utilize These Powerful Programs

Almost every laptop these days has a webcam built into it and the low quality default video chat software works fine when talking to a loved one or friend. When you want to add production to your video stream and create a professional, appealing clip you should look at the various video streaming software available. Each software program has features dedicated to specific uses and it’s best to investigate some of the most popular packages to see which works for your needs.

SplitCam is a free software that lets you talk to a multiple of friends at once by splitting up the chat rooms. Your computer screen might look like the beginning sequence to The Brady Bunch with all the heads on top of each other but it’s a great way for pals around the world to collaborate on and get-together or to just catch up. SplitCam also boasts some of the neatest and most creative video effects so you can place a pirate hat on one friend, cat’s whiskers on another, and a virtual 3D Frankenstein head on your other‚ tall pal. The technical aspects of SplitCam are compatible with all the major streaming sites such as Ustream, Skype, Windows Live, YouTube and more. [Read more...]

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