Top Online Movie Streaming Sites – Expert Reviews and Advice

Online movie streaming sites reviewedTired of paying $10 to see a mediocre movie at your local movie theater? Want the convenience of DVD’s or BluRay discs, without having to pay $5 per movie? Then consider the multitude of merits that can be obtained by gaining membership to the many online movie streaming sites currently out there within the online market. While technology continues to progress and become increasingly portable, the ability to use online movie streaming becomes easier and easier. But here is where it gets tricky: there are so many of these streaming movie sites, how do you find the right service for you? Let’s compare the top online movie streaming options, to help you find the one that will work for you.



Standard in movie access, good video quality (not HD yet), discount rates.

$7.99/month for unlimited streaming

One of the most trusted and a well-known name in the movie streaming industry is Netflix. Moving away from the fuss of mailing out DVD’s for their members, Netflix has tried to focus on consistently streaming and adding new content that members can view online. They realize the potential and convenience of movie streaming rentals and leaders in bringing it to the forefront of the movie medium revolution.

Pros: Undoubtedly one of the best components of Netflix is its huge selection. They’ve got a wide array of genres and types of media and movies or TV shows for you to view all with the click of a mouse. It’s also a very affordable option. Even a college student living on Ramen noodles can afford an $8-$10 a month membership for all of their entertainment needs.

Cons: While Netflix has been the long standing front runner in new and updated content, the fact that they often don’t offer HD versions of the content is hurting them, as many competitors of Netflix consider this as an option.



Decent effort, but still trying to play catch up.
$7.49 for your first month! ($14.99 /month after that)

While Blockbuster in their traditional form is on its way out, they’ve given it a good old fashioned go with their online movie streaming service, although many people still believe they are doomed for failure. They have made a concerned effort to match Netflix’s’ service, but also offer no HD channels. With that being said, they are adding new movies to their online selection monthly, but still push their DVD/BluRay service more than anything else.

Pros: If you believe in staying on a sinking ship (loyal Blockbuster fans), then this is a good option for you. They do have a similar line up to Netflix, which is likely the most redeeming quality.

Cons: They simply don’t have online streaming in HD. When compared to the flat rate for a membership to Netflix, with the pay per viewing approach for Blockbuster, it’s also less cost effective per movie watched. Their emphasis still remains with mailing movies as compared to their competitors who are focusing more on the online medium



Great for occasional movie fans. Great HD quality videos.
$3.99 per HD Movie New Releases. Some older movies are $2. Not charged until you watch.

If you’re more into movie streaming, where you can pay for each individual rental you stream, then VUDU is a new option to consider at just $2 per movie watched. VUDU, like Netflix, has an expansive selection for you to choose from, and best of all, cancel at anytime. They have no contracts to lock you in!

Pros: In addition to their wide selection, they offer excellent HD quality within their movie streaming selection at full 1080p. If you’re looking for the best movie experience possible, while not being locked down into a monthly membership or contract, this is the service for you.

Cons: It is a bit pricy if you’re the type of person who rents or streams many movies per week. $2 for two nights per movie, can add up after a month, but is an amazing deal, as a supplementary source (to Netflix or Blockbuster) of streaming movies or for those who only have the time to view a few movies on a monthly basis.


Hulu Plus

Best Choice for Television Enthusiasts.
$7.99/month for unlimited streaming

For those who prefer a familiar face, then Hulu, a website that is known for streaming older television shows and trailers, is a good option for those looking to stream videos online. Their specialty is television shows and they’ve been fairly consistent with this, over many years.

Pros: If you’re a big TV fan, then you’re likely to be able to find all of the TV shows you want to watch, including full seasons of your favorite shows. You also will find these shows to be more available, faster than what Netflix offers.

Cons: While Hulu Plus is similar to its competitors in some aspects, it doesn’t yet come close to offering an ideal movie selection that the streaming services above do.

If you’re a huge movie buff, you may want to pass on this service, over the others mentioned above. If TV shows and series are part of your viewing pastime, then don’t pass this one up. Hulu can also be a great supplementary source of online video streaming for those who enjoy the best of both worlds.


Amazon Prime Streaming

Could be worth a try if you’re a regular from Amazon customer.
$79/per year + $4 per movie = shipping discounts, free Kindle books, and movie access.

Amazon has always been known for its massive online retail store, where you can order anything from groceries to the latest garden supplies and consumer electronics. It’s not quite known for it’s online movie streaming service, but that is soon changing.

First off, you need to sign up for their Amazon Prime membership in order to begin your online movie streaming journey ($79 per year). The service includes advantages such as free shipping, free kindle books, and occasional discounts on Amazon sold products. However, you’re still looking at paying $4 (sometimes more for better quality) per new release movie. This makes it one of the more expensive streaming services.

With that in mind, there are still free movies and TV shows available, which are older and probably ones you have viewed several times over on your local TV channels. They also offer a free trial for 1 month, so you can always try it out and if you’re not satisfied within 30 days, just cancel.


The Benefits of Online Movie Streaming

online movie streaming sites becomes more popularWhen you’re utilizing online movie streaming sites to view your television shows or movies, one of the most important benefits is convenience. Instead of taking a trip down to the movie store, or Target to buy a $20 copy of a movie, you can stream content online more afford-ably and quickly than ever before. You also aren’t stuck paying the high price of tangible media, and end up with regret for purchasing a film, that didn’t live up to your expectations.


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